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Less Stressful,
More Predictable.

Remodeling has a lot of moving parts and we know it can be confusing and stressful.


Our 20+ years of experience in the industry has shown us that, ongoing project communication coupled with one point contact for the entire remodeling process is the key for reducing unknowns, stress and the unpredictables.


Our process ensures that the vision, schedule and the budget you start with equals the home, schedule and final cost you ended up with.

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"Our reason for exponential success is simple. We have designed an unrivaled remodeling process by combining our 20+ years of experience with most cutting edge technologies and top talent."



Step 1

Lets Talk

During this FREE Consultation phase we’ll get acquainted to see if we are a fit for each other.  We’ll do a deep dive into your vision, budget in relation to your ideas and consider possible options to transform your dream into reality. We’ll talk schedule, your role in the project and what you can expect from us. We’ll be unfailingly honest and transparent  — telling you what will be fun — and what won’t. And we’ll leave you with a complete understanding not only who we are but also how we can be the perfect partner for you. 

  • 15 Minute Phone Call to discuss your vision 

  • Visit your property for an in-home consultation with one of our creative interior designers 

  • Digitize your home by capturing your spaces with industry leading technology 

  • Produce Existing floor plans 

  • Meet in our Studio to discuss your vision and go over the project estimate


Step 2
Plan Your Remodel

Prior to entering into a Construction Agreement, there will be pre-construction planning phase with most affordable prices and our industry leading design team.


Depending on the scope of the project we will offer different design agreements tailored to your needs.

Design Packages Include:

  • Design Consultations With Designers

  • Existing Floor Plans 

  • Proposed Floor Plans 

  • Detailed Scope Per Room 

  • Detailed Elevations of Spaces 

  • Electrical and Plumbing Callouts 

  • Detailed Material & Color Scheme Selection 

  • 3D Renderings Of Proposed Spaces

  • Full Cost Breakdown of All Selections 

  • Full Detailed Construction Documents 

  • City Submittal and HOA Approval 

Organization and proper planning is the key to a smooth problem free remodel. 

Step 3
Transform Your Home

At this stage we will now have all the information to provide a guaranteed price for your project, you will have signed off on the design and construction plan. You’ve met your project manager and know who will handling/completing each task every step of the way. 

Construction Phase

  • Start Date for Your Project 

  • Assigned Access to Project Management App with Daily Progress Logs

  • Project Schedule and Timelines 

  • Access to Our Entire Team With Assigned Personal Project Manager 

We will handle all the details of ordering materials, scheduling, oversight and coordination. Concurrently, we will diligently keep you up to date on progress and issues.

During this completion phase we will meticulously inspect to ensure that craftsmanship level have been maintained throughout the project. We will do a final review meeting with you to answer any operational questions regarding appliances, heating and cooling systems and any other operational questions. We will do a final clean up to the highest standards possible both within the project and anything on the property that we touched*. We will set up with a document for you to list anything you might run across that wasn’t done right. And finally, you will benefit from our industry leading one-year warranty on our work.


Enjoy your transformed home and thank you for letting us be a part of your dreams!